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 WE ARE NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR PACKAGE BEES AND NUCs(we are sold out of 5 frame nucs). This year we are delivering to Denver, and Colorado Springs April 26th.  Salt Lake City and Grand Junction delivery is now on April 19th.   CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Pick Up Update and Critical Information as of April 16th

Grand Junction 3# Packages w/ queen
Pick up Saturday April 19th Easter weekend
Address: 2464 US HWY 6 & 50 #130 Grand Junction, CO 81505 (BEHIND PETCO, GREAT HARVEST BREAD, AND TJ MAXX)
Time: 8AM-12:00PM all packages not picked up by noon will be sold to those who want extra.  Please call Heidi at 970-260-2497

Salt Lake City 3# Packages w/ queen
Pick up Friday evening or Saturday April 18-19th 
Address: 2865 Melony Holladay/Salt Lake City, UT 84124 (Wayne will likely contact you prior to your pick up.)
Time: 8AM-12PM All Packages not picked up will be sold after 12PM will be sold to  those who want extra.  Please call Wayne at 801-580-0992

Denver 3# Package w/ queen
Pick up will be Saturday April 26th
Address: 370 Kalamath Street (The Earth Dog Parking lot)
Time: 8AM-12PM All Packages not picked up will be sold after 12PM

Colorado Spring 3# Package w/ queen
Pick up will be Saturday April 26th
Address: 1501 W. Colorado Ave Buckleys Homestead Supply
Time: 9AM-12PM All packages not picked up will be sold after 12PM

5 Frame Nucs are coming along nicely. They are still on for a May 3rd pick up in Grand Junction.
Address: 2464 US HWY 6 & 50 #130 Grand Junction, CO 81505 (BEHIND PETCO, GREAT HARVEST BREAD, AND TJ MAXX)

Top Bar Hives are growing. However Pick up date will May 10th as of today May 6th. This can change so please check back to this page.


The timeless practice of keeping honey bees becoming the common place?  We know and sell honey bees.

The art of Urban beekeeping is quickly becoming a desired hobby for families.  Space is not typically  an issue– a bee hive occupies is less than 2 ½ Sq Feet! Afraid of getting stung? The Italian Honey Bee is NOT an aggressive bee, it is bred for gentleness for a backyard beehive.  If you suffer from allergies then experts suggest ingesting raw honey. Honey and pollen is actually good for us, it has immune stimulating properties. This can help us build a tolerance to the stuff that makes your nose run and eyes itch.  A healthy mature hive can produce 40-60 pounds of raw green pure honey per year. This is also a great way to become more self sufficient for a natural sweetener.

Taylor the Keeper

Having Fun Tending Bees


At Apis Hive Co. we are making real progress in over coming the problems by using natural methods of beekeeping. We are called a sideline Commercial Beekeeper.  We’re based in the hart of the Rocky Mountains in Grand Junction Colorado.


Walk down your street, to the woods, or a nearby park or meadow.  The spring air is like perfume with the scent of all kinds of flowers.  Notice the birds singing, squirrels doing squirrel things.  It’s a beautiful spring day, but one thing was missing – honey bees.  You might not see a single one.  Not long ago honeybees were everywhere – They were an integral part of being outdoors.  Not so anymore.  Honeybees are having a hard time, and even the experts don’t

know exactly what the problem is. You might have noticed in your garden things like cucumbers that only develop on one end, or healthy squash vines that don’t seem to produce like they should? How about a pear that isn’t pear shaped?  These are symptoms of inadequate pollination.


That’s all about to change.  You can now order bees every spring from many sources, us included.  When you order a package this winter,  your package of about 5,000 girls with a marked queen bee will arrive in April. With a little reading, videos, and dreaming of honey, you can understand how “sweet the anticipation” it must be getting ready for your honeybees to arrive.  Delivery date is Mid to Late April to Salt Lake City, Denver Colorado, and Grand Junction Colorado with our Company.


Backyard beekeepers can be part of the solution and help save the honeybee by acting as a kind reservoir for domestic bees.  Also your bees will undertake garden pollination for you and your neighbors’.  Honeybees don’t make noise, don’t have to be tended while you take week long summer vacations. Hives can also be a fun family project to teach and educate.


Backyard Beekeepers are everywhere.  We have friends’ beekeeping on top of downtown apartment buildings to suburban neighborhoods and gentleman farmers’.  If you have 2.5 square feet you have room for hive.(please check local ordinances) Although this will come with some challenges, you to can produce a sustainable clean honey and other hive products within sight.

National Honey Board Profile
Apis Hive and Honey Profile


Heidi & Chad Ragland owners of Apis Hive and Honey Co.

Our mission is to help all beekeepers new and old alike to learn, grow and share important lessons’ we’ve learned.  What we’ve written here on the site will introduce you to our valuable resources and education.  We hope the progressive media style makes it easier for you learn.  We also hope you can benefit from what is compiled and become a better beekeeper.  What you will learn with Apis Hive Co., is we never stop learning.  Although we have been keeping bees for many years we just don’t know everything yet!  However were getting there and getting there fast.  Our significant research and school of hard knocks we can and will share with you so you don’t have to learn what we have.  This in turn will save you time and money.

Why the site?

On the Phone: Hello Hello… Yes this is Chad.  I frequently get calls about honey bees and I love it.  What if… How do you… Can you… Do you… Where do I find… Can I come… Please help me!

However long the day is, I knew I couldn’t spend my whole day being the 1-800 hot line for answering everyone’s questions, and most of our friends know I love talking bees.  I’m just finding that I’m running out of time during the day.  We currently are connected with 1000’s of keepers across the intermountain West and beyond.  With the help of modern applications on the internet like Twitter, YOUTUBE, Facebook, and our BLOG.  Now you can follow us and see what were doing. Many of those who have called our phones visit our site often or get our social media feeds to learn what were up to.  Were all about making it easy and fun.  Please be sure to look at our Q and A Page.  Lot’s of great questions and some reasonable answers.

What’s Lacking in Beekeeping?

If you’re a real visual learner you and Apishive.com are a perfect match for each other.  We know our content will provide what’s lacking in the industry.  Example:  Say you just lost your hives to a bear. (we know how you feel)   We have a great section on How to build a bear fence. Now it may not eliminate the chance of another attack but we’ve taken time to video ourselves following plans of really stout bear fence.  Not a 100% of keeping bears out but really good odds of keeping them out.  We hope you find it helpful yet educational because no one has truly ever posted a legitimate bear fence on YOUTUBE but now we have, and hope you can benefit from it.  Maybe it’s your first year planning to have bees but you’re not so sure how to build and paint your equipment to last.  Over the years we’ve built it wrong and right and were happy to link our videos to show you how to do it right.  We hope this site can be a quality site to help keepers manage the hive so your honey bees will be healthy and strong.  We want success for you and the bees!  Keeping healthy bees makes a difference, we know you can follow or tips and videos on this site to help you do that.

Blogging and Feedback

Most folks who are keeping bees already learned lessons.  We’ve started a Blog on this site that will carry on the ideas, and lessons learned threw out the tests we have going or have completed.  If we don’t try new things then were losing bees we don’t want to lose.  We hope to write a few times a week to keep you up to date with some of the bees studies were currently carrying on in the Western United States.  You can select the topics were dealing with and read results there.  It’s at the top of this page at any time.  Furthermore many of our commercial beekeeping friends who are unable to blog or report there findings we’ve agreed to carry additional keepers projects under the blog section as well, so you will see others success and failures recorded.

What does it take to be beekeeper?

We use Colorado River Flood Plains to Make Wonderful Full Body Honey

Anyone can. That’s our point: you can do it your way with your bees and use your methods.  Here at Apishive Co. we just hope to share with you our successes and pass them along to you.  We know everyone who wants bees or has bees is learning along side us, and we celebrate that.  However, we have ideas that don’t work for this area and ideas that do work.  We’ve formatted them for easy absorption and application.  We teach those who want to listen or read ideals that give you sustainable beekeeping practices.

Our passion is teaching people to be aware of bees, growing more keepers, keeping bees alive, researching bee behavior, harvesting honey, pollinating crops, selling honey bees, and living our Colorado dream.  That is what Apishive.com is all about.