Honey Bees for Sale Spring 2017 Denver, Salt Lake City, and Grand Junction

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We are ready to start taking orders for Package Bees, 5 Frame Nucs, Bee Boxes 2017

Ragland Family Update

It’s been way to long and an update is due.  As many of you know we’ve been doing our best to keep a few items under wraps.  So if your longing for some explanation please read on.  If your not really into updates on the family or the beekeeper and just want to order bee hit this link “Bees for Sale” Click here.

 2016 is in the books and we are moving forward.  This year to come promises to be a great success.  As most of you may already know we sold our home in Grand Junction.  We moved to Salt Lake City to help take care of family full time.  Not as easy as I thought it would be.

With that in mind we also moved some of our bee business West.  In years past most of our bee operation has always been in Mesa county Colorado.  This year we expanded and included two areas in Utah we felt could benefit from our bees.  With us moving to Salt Lake it just made more sense.  While many may say, Chad changed his phone and ran away, I actually kept our number of hives in Grand Junction, and bought a

Henry Ragland In the Honey House. Oak City, UT

Henry Ragland In the Honey House. Oak City, UT

new phone.  The old on took a spill into the paint bucket, and the old number needed to go for a couple of reasons.  As many of my bee friends know, we also operate the Great Harvest Bread Co. in Grand Junction.  We have made steps to prepare our managers to purchase our store.  One of the items that was linked to Great Harvest was my old cell.  So as a step toward separating myself from the bakery I got new number.  Will I be sharing it with all of you? Yes and no.  

When we moved into the Beehive State a couple of things changed for us.  With the move the kids prepared for new schools, we decided to rent so we would have close proximity to those we needed to help.  Heidi and I did our best to keep things simple.  We held several garage sales and sold as much of our old belongings as possible. (highly recommended) We told ourselves everyday it’s the right thing to do.  What lies ahead is hard and different then what we expected.  We spend a lot time apart.  We are pinching pennies until we would know what it takes to live here.  I don’t really know exactly how this will all work out, but let me tell you, It’s been extremely hard to do because in early July my Ford 550 blew it’s diesel.  I paid for a new motor which ran me $20,000.00 and beyond that the truck broke down each week I drove to Grand Junction three weeks in a row.  I returned the truck and well frankly I had to buy another truck.  It took nearly 8 weeks to get that truck ready.  With honey harvest in progress in September, and 

Chad or Rob working Bees this spring

Chad or Rob working Bees this spring

extracting everything I’m 100% sure I couldn’t have done it with out help.  One person I knew could help me was Rob Bliss a another commercial bee keeper who understood my complex life challenges.  He has reached out and pulled me up.  He’s a true Saint.  He’s help keep our bees strong, extracted most of my honey, and he’s given me ideas that make me feel more excited about keeping bees then ever before.  Between to two of us we have nearly 3000 hives.  I’m looking forward to working with him. Together we have some great strengths that we wouldn’t have alone.  He will be helping us SELL BEES this spring so I look forward to working with him in that regard.

Never burn bridges… great advice and even better when you know your not.  As many of my Denver bee friends may know, Greg Rye of Dakota Bees and I have always worked together.  In 2017 we will not be directly working together.  Greg and I see that it’s time to part ways when it come to distributing package bees.  Greg as made a connection with someone online who I do not know.  We will not be providing him with packages or nucs this year.  However we will be using “To Bee or not to Bee” in Littleton retail location for bee supplies.  David and his wife have offered me a opportunity to use their shop as a location to have folks pick up their package of bees.  This will be our only Denver (Littleton) on April 29th 2017.  You can order honey bees for the “Denver Pick up Here”

What else is new for 2017.  When I started connecting with Rob Bliss I learned that Rob has not one but two CNC router machines that make the best bee boxes ever. Rob has invented a new way to make about 2000 boxes a day.  I’ve linked a great video that shows how he makes these great boxes.  We will be selling them individually and also in bulk.  If you ever wondered how bee boxes are made commercially this is one of the ways.  Dakota Bee, and To Bee or Not to bee in Denver, as well and Jones Bee in Salt Lake will be carrying some of Robs products.  We will also be selling these cool boxes, assembled and painted and unassembled.  Click on the links below to see what we have.  If you’re willing to pick up the products at the drop sites when we deliver the packages bees you can save a ton on money on shipping.  Buying direct will also save you money if your running a budget, or just want to go direct and support Rob and I.

A quick video on how the best bee box is made.  Place an order for wooden ware.

How we make our package bees Place an order today. Bees for sale in Denver, Salt Lake, or Grand Junction

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