2017 and Beyond Now taking orders for Package bees and Nucs Delivered to Denver, Salt Lake, and Grand Junction 2018

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Package Bees, Honey, and Lot’s of Miles

It’s been awhile, and with some hesitation I write.  It’s not that I don’t have loads of great stories and accomplishments, It’s just been…a little bit of a roller coster this year.  Let’s reset the clock and start with Spring.  As many of you know, I relocated my family to Utah to help take care of our family.  This put a lot added pressure on the family.  Particularly my kids.  I’ve been on the road a lot.  I put approx. 24,000 miles on my truck from about Dec 2016 to July 2017.  Some of those miles came with audio books, and podcast.  I particularly like the one about missing Richard Simmons.  Good thing he finally turned up, whew.  Also with those miles came a

Chad or  Rob working Bees this spring

vision for the future.  It gave me a ton of time to think.  I’ve decided I like thinking.  I like thinking a lot.  If I could make a living just thinking I’d do it.  One particular trip I can share with you was when I was coming home with the bees from California.  I kept my bees in California until June 1st this year.  While I was headed back following the semi trucks with our bees, I happen to be completed loaded down with a full load of gear.  I had tanks, frames, boxes, and honey, Yes honey!  For the second year I’ve been producing a little citrus honey.  One of our Almond growers has Organic lemon farm as well as organic Almond ranches.  Our bees benefited greatly by loading up on Almond nectar and pollen, then hit the steady flow of citrus bloom.  Most beekeepers don’t get the chance to have that opportunity, but I have two years in a row.(super lucky)  If you have not had the chance to partake of citrus honey I highly recommend it.  Back to the drive home.  So for the second year I had 6 Pallets full of citrus honey on my truck.  I was feeling so grateful to have that crop on the truck. It equaled to about 4 barrels of honey or 200 gallons.  But what was even better was we had 276 hives(on one semi) that had about 50 lbs ea of more of the citrus bloom on/in them.  What this did for our hives was a real game changer.  Our bees hit the ground running and ready for

Transporting Bees for Pollination

Apis Hive & Honey moving bees in the almond groves in California

Colorado June nectar flows.  We made a bumper crop of honey this year in Grand Junction and along the I-70 corridor in Utah as well. If you would like 5lbs tubs you can order them (here)  Email me for larger quantities at apishive@gmail.com.  My good friend Rob Bliss had a great honey year as well and was able to help me harvest our crop.  I don’t know what I would do with out a guy like Bliss.  Also this year I saw a lot great rain storms just in the knick of time.  The Bees did well, and with this mild fall, I think our hives will be steady and strong threw fall and into winter.

It’s fall , if anything its now winter.  You know what that means.  Time to start thinking packages and Nucs.  This year will be little different.  We have five deliveries lined up.  Please feel free to contact me via email at apishive@gmail.com if you have any questions.  Selling great bees is what Heidi and I enjoy.  We have made some amazing friendships, and look forward to making many more.  

We’ve had a lot positive feed back over the years.  I’m looking forward to more miles and a great 2018.  It will bee here sooner then you think.


2018 Honey Bees for Sale in Colorado and in Utah

Delivery dates and products offered

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah Saturday April 14th #3 package bees with queen
  2. Grand Junction, Colorado Sunday April 15th #3 Package bees with queen
  3. Denver( Wheatridge) At Dakota Bee Saturday April 21st #3 Package with queen
  4. Denver (Littleton) At To Bee or Not to Bee Saturday April 28th #3 Package with queen
  5. Grand Junction Colorado Saturday May 12th 5 Frame Nucs with Spring Queen

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