Bees For Sale in Colorado

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Honey Bees for Sale in Colorado

2011 Spring Bee Packages with “MARKED” colored dot Pendell Italian Queens

Apishive Co. has established a solid clientele of both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers. Every spring we sell hundreds of quality bee Packages in the Rocky Mountain Region. Our no money down threw the years has brought us to honorable crossroads, however this year we will be asking nicely to have those who want to confirm to pre pay. Those who want to make a reservation with the option to cancel can. Our prepaid option ensures that you will get bees in the order that we take your payment. One of drop points this year will be in Denver, Colorado.  We are using Pendell Queens in our Packages that we offer. Frank and Sheri Pendell have great reputation of raising quality queens.  Each queen is “Marked” with a colored dot for ease for finding her, and has a pedigree that Frank and Sheri are proud of. Were excited to help them share the success their known for with you. We have have a limited supply of these packages. The ETA of these packages is April 20th threw the 23rd 2011.


3Lb Packages of Bees with a marked Pendell Queen: $92.00 ea. (marked Italian only in 3# package)

5 Frame Nucs are also available $108.00 ea. We plan to have both Carnolian and Italian Queens, provided from Big Island Queens, Wootens Golden Queens, Bee Weaver, and Pendell. These are all very reputable queen breeders. We no not raise queens at this time.

Description of our 5 Frame Deep Nucs: We respectfully place these Nucs with more than enough brood, honey, pollen, to establish a healthy honeybee colony. Here’s what’s included in your Nuc.


One Cardboard Nuc Box




2011 Spring Italian Queen more gold in color, Cross Bred for Hardiness, Hygienic Behavior, Mite Resistance and High Honey Production.

2011 Spring Carniolan Queen that will be darker in over all color, Hygienic Behavior, Gentle, Forages Greater Distance, Average Honey Production, Robbs less.

A tip on queen selection:We use both of these queens in our operation. They both have a place in Colorado Beekeeping. I sell both breeds as to give you a choice. We sell each equally.

We Guarantee that all queens will have been establishing the Nuc for at least three weeks minimum before we release the Nuc for sale. This generally has been a recipe for success. This gives you the buyer some piece of mind. Although many of our customers praise our bees, we cannot guarantee any statement of health, nor can we claim that our bees will be 100% free of pest hitchhikers, however your success as a beekeeper matters to us. Proper placement, feeding, forage, and bee care can make your colony a success. Be sure to see our “how to” videos for additional information!

We started taking orders about November 15th 2010 and will continue to take orders until we are sold out some time early March 2011.
Please email Chad for additional information:
We reserve the right to change the type of queen in our nucs, or packages.

Orders can be placed here:  ORDER TODAY!

We have lot’s of info on keeping bees at:

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