Dear Blog

I’m starting something I told myself I would never do.  Starting a Blog.  If It sounds mundane and repetitive it is.  I’m sure I’ll complain, whine, cry, and even yell.  Maybe I’ll compile a blog book.  I do some pretty amazing things with these bees and our bakery, and I bet if anyone out there ever reads these they would be amazed and interested.  I’m not saying I’m the only beekeeper that experiences this stuff, I’m just sayin.  Recently my kids and wife asked me If I was going to quit my day job (a bakery) and go completely full time with the bees.  I told them if I did that they wouldn’t have much food on the table.  Or much of a Christmas either.  Beekeeping is not the most profitable or reliable.  Recently I’ve been having difficulties getting a hold of our Almond grower.  Frankly I’m not sure we have a home for our bees this winter in California.  No one returns my phone calls and it worries me.  Well I guess I’ll find someone else to take our girls, I hesitate to bail to soon on our grower as he did say I’ll call you to let  you know where were at.  Humm.  The condition of our hives are either really good or just plain dead.  I pretty sure I have 400 good to better than good hives.  I counted before Halloween and I won’t count again until we load them up for California.  It snowed this weekend, and it’s pretty cold at night.  I’m not to worried though.  Last year in California the weather was slightly worse than normal.  Bakersfield to Fresno really slams the bees, with wet moist conditions 24/7, cool nights and not so warm days doesn’t make the bees happy.  I really thought taking the bees to PHX or LV area might be better but I don’t have the connections we need for 400 to 500 hives to sit for 90 days.  I guess I could work on that.  I just didn’t want to hinder anyone.  Well it’s November and I turn 36 this month.  If you were to ask me at 25 what would you have done by 36 I couldn’t be more disappointed in my performance.  I remember writing down some goals that I wanted to accomplish with my life.  If I share them with you than the World would know what I haven’t done…. not a good Idea.  But i will say that I did graduate from college, bought a house, and have a truck I always wanted.  At least I got those things accomplished.  The next four years will really tell the whole story so I hope to share my success and failures along the way.