Bees for Sale in Utah & Colorado 2018


Howdy My Name is Chad

Apishive Co. of Grand Junction Colorado has established a solid clientele of both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers. Every spring we sell hundreds of quality bee Packages and Nucs to those in the Rocky Mountain Region. (Many of the folks who see bees get them from us)  Best advice we give folks.  “Buy from a beekeeper”  With Apis Hive & we are the real deal.  Start right, and start with us.  Remember  We do not ship bees at this time via UPS or USPS, however our drop points for 2017 are in Salt Lake City, Denver, Grand Junction Colorado.  View this years post on Packages and Nucs here: 2017 Honey Bees for Sale

  • 2017 We accept Visa & Master Card, AMEX, and PayPal
  • 3Lb Packages of Bees with come with a Italian queen.
  • Top Bar hives come with Italian queens unless other conditions occur.
  • 5 Frame nucs.  We have Italian queens, provided from, Steve Park Apiaries, Big Island Queens, Wootens Golden Queens, ,and Pendell Apiaries. These are all very reputable queen breeders. We do not raise queens for sale at this time.

Here is a video of myself shaking last year packages in California.  Hope you enjoy.

Description of our 5 Frame Deep Nucs: We respectfully place these Nucs with more than enough brood, honey, pollen, to establish a healthy honeybee colony. Here’s what’s included in your Nuc.


One Cardboard Nuc Box




2016 Spring Italian Queen more gold in color, Cross Bred for Hardiness, Hygienic Behavior, Mite Resistance and High Honey Production.

2015 Spring Carniolan Queen that will be darker in over all color, Hygienic Behavior, Gentle, Forages Greater Distance, Average Honey Production, Robbs less.

A tip on queen selection:We use both of these queens in our operation. They both have a place in 5000 ft.+ elevation beekeeping. I sell both breeds as to give you a choice. We sell each equally.

Nuc Policy: We guarantee that all queens will have been establishing the nuc for at least three weeks minimum before we release the nuc for sale. This generally has been a recipe for success. This gives you the buyer some piece of mind. Although many of our customers praise our bees, we cannot guarantee any statement of health, nor can we claim that our bees will be 100% free of pest hitchhikers, however your success as a beekeeper matters to us. Proper placement, feeding, forage, and bee care can make your colony a success. Be sure to see our “how to” videos for additional information!

**Package Policy: Our Package Bees includes a mated spring queen. Three pounds of bees contains approximately 6,000-8,000 workers. Package Bees are the responsibility of the customer at the time of pick up. Package Bees are to be picked up prompt to insured to they arrive alive.  We guarantee the queen to be alive on Saturday and until Sunday the next day at 5PM.  We do not guarantee for successful introduction of queens or packages. If your queen is expired when you install your package please contact us immediately so we can make a new one available to you.  You are responsible to pick up the new queen.  We do not deliver.  These are living colonies.  There are risks.  Please consider prior to making your purchase. 

Please email Chad for additional information:
We reserve the right to change price or type of queen in our nucs, or packages.
No shipping available at this time via UPS or USPS
It is your responsibility to pick up your bees at the locations and time provided via this website. You can cancel your order prior to March 15th 2017.  After the 15th March we’ve committed to reserving queens, and logistics are in place that cost us money.  $30.00 dollars per package and $40.00 for per nucs will be refunded for any canceled orders or no shows on delivery day or after the 15th of March.  If we are able to sell the bees you did not pick up then we will do a full refund.  We will not refund monies for failure to successfully start a colony with a package or a nuc.

*Supplies are limited from our suppliers.  Tell a friend and make a difference this year in beekeeping!