Estimated Cost of Buying Bees

How much $$$$

“How much does it cost to keep Honeybees?” This is a very good question. Most hobby or back yard beekeepers will keep one or two hives their first year. I always suggest keeping two hives so you can compare the difference. You will gain more knowledge and experience with two hives. The following is a breakdown of cost for your first year based on purchasing all “NEW” equipment:

Est. Equipment for one hive is about  $275.00 (including package of bees)

Whole Enchilada

A simple kit like this one with bees can run $400-500

(Includes bottom board, 2 Deep supers,
20 Deep frames, 2 Honey supers, 20
Honey frames, queen excluder, and average lid)

View equipment options here: Bee Hive Kits

Package Bees average price will run about  $92-$115

View package options here: Package Bees for Sale

Nucs can range from  $120-160

View our Nuc options here: Bee Nucs for Sale

Clothing and tools minimum $80

View our Clothing and tools for Sale here: Tools and Clothing

Medications and Feed $35


Total First year with one hive  $275 (Just the bees and boxes)


However if you are able to build your own gear, or try a Top Bar Hive you could save a lot money.  Bee Keeping is not cheap.  You still have extraction to consider, and the cost of replacing bees annually if something does happen to them which is very likely.  Many of the keepers that buy bees will sale honey, wax, pollen to help off set annual cost.  However don’t count on that for your first year or two.  It will take time to recover cost if thats what your going for.