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No Food Without Them

Here at Apishive Co. we hope to bring to life the importance of the honey bee.  If you tended or visited a flower garden or you visited one this summer, you know it’ s a favorite spot for bees, butterflies, and other insects. If you’re lucky, you saw hummingbirds dipping elegant bills into tubular flowers. All of these pollinators are attracted to the flower’s nectar, the sweet, energy-rich food produced by many flowering plants. The insects, birds, and even bats do plants a favor, too, when they stick their heads and bodies into the flower for that nectar — they get pollen all over themselves. As these animals move from flower to flower, they transfer pollen, fertilizing future seeds and fruits, helping to produce future generations of plants.

Pollination is one of nature’s services often taken for granted. Think about that last fast-food meal you picked up for lunch: hamburger, French fries, and a strawberry milkshake. The cattle that contributed to the hamburger and produced the milk in your shake probably ate alfalfa hay. Alfalfa flowers are pollinated by several species of bees. Although animals don’t need flowering alfalfa hay, pollinated flowers are needed to produce alfalfa seed. The wheat in the bun was pollinated by the wind, but everything else on that bun required an animal pollinator. Bees pollinated the mustard plant, tomatoes in the ketchup, the cucumbers that were made into pickles, and the black

Almond Blossom

pepper. In addition to bees, flies and other small insects pollinated the onions and lettuce layered on your burger. Bees, flies and wasps helped pollinate the plants from which many of the oils used for frying potatoes come. Bees also pollinated the sugar cane that sweetened your milkshake and the strawberries used for flavoring. If you had coffee or tea with that meal or for breakfast, bees and flies tended to those flowers too.

Our operation is currently taking on  additional pollination services in the Western US.  If you currently use a bee keeper have questions or just need a price check, we would be happy talk you.  The bees need you and we all need the bees.

Enjoy the bees

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