Pollination Recap

What is a fair rental price for pollinating bees?

Here is our policy: To determine our price we get a firm grip on operating costs and then set the adjusting pollination fees accordingly.  Apis Hive Co. uses our historical data of our operating cost in helping us set our fees.  If you’re a farmer or grower of any crop that requires pollination you very likely have operating budget.  Pollination prices and operating costs are obviously linked. The current survey of our cost of maintaining a hive runs approximately annually $158/per colony.  Apis Hive Co. is obviously taking open book keeping to a new level show you the agricultural community just how much it costs to keep the bees alive and strong. We also believe if you the community sees our cost you will understand how our fees are set.  Operational accounting truly dictates our fees, not your income you make off your crop.  If you have any additional questions let the Apis team answer any questions threw email or our contact number.

2011 Pollination Fees

California Almonds: $175.00 Per Colony 8 frame Avg.

Utah Cherries: $55.00 Per Colony

Colorado Cherries: $55.00 Per Colony

Colorado Apricots $98.00 Per Colony

Colorado Apples:  $55.00 Per Colony

Colorado Pears:  $55.00 Per Colony

Organic Gardens: $55.00 Per Colony

Misc Veggies and Gourds/Melons: $55.00

Rental Periods are different for obvious reasons, however generally speaking we deliver prior to bloom and remove bees after.  There is a four-colony minimum. Our bees come on pallets of four. So we rent by fours.  4-8-12-16-20..ect.

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