Package Bee Instructions

Some Verbal Instructions to Installing a Package of Bees

1.  The best time to install is during the early evening hours.  Until installation, keep your packages either indoors in a cool, well- ventilated spot, or outdoors in a densely shaded, protected area with good ventilation.  Remove two to three frames to create a space to pour bees into hive. You will be installing the package into one deep hive body.  Also make sure you have a reducer for your entrance.  This is especially important if you have other hives

This is metal tail that is connected to the queen cage

This is metal tail that is connected to the queen cage

in the area as well.

With and with out a candy plug

One queen cage with cork, and one with candy plug

2. Slightly spray package bee with sugar water. Tap box to drop bees to the bottom of the box. Prepare to remove silver feeder can and quickly remove the queen cage which is attached to the silver metal tail that you see to the left or right of the feeder can. Replace feeder can to minimize worker bee from flying around

3. Very carefully remove the small cork (you could use a wood screw or needle nose pliers to remove cork)  Cover the hole with your finger quickly.  DONT LET THE QUEEN OUT!  After cork is out then you can insert candy plug, marshmallow, or if you have old crystalized honey that works too. DO NOT DO A DIRECT RELEASE.  We want a minimum of 3-4 hours prior to the queen getting out of the cage.  We even like to see 24 hours in some cases.
4. The queen cage will have a small metal tail. You could use a push pin or small nail to hold the queen mid frame. Be sure to have the screen of the queen cage facing outwards. This will give the bees access to the queen. The bees must have access to the queen in order to feed her and get used to her. This should be near the middle of the hive.
5. Do not spray the bees with sugar water in cold weather or if the temperature is going to be below 50 degrees within 4 hours of installation. Spray the

Dumping a package of honey bees.

Dumping a package of honey bees.

bees again extensively. Remove the feeder can and pour bees into hive. Give them a few minutes to disperse onto the frames. Move the frames together to close the gap left when you removed the two frames. Put the two frames back into the hive to complete the 10 to 9 frames in the brood box. Fill your feeder with syrup (1:1 syrup with Essential oils if you have them) .Close up the hive. Give the bees 3 days to release the queen and eat the syrup.

Honey bees making honey

Adding honey supers to your hive

6. A 1:1 mixture of sugar and water with one ounce of Essential oil stimulant per gallon is recommended for feeding until the brood boxes are built out with comb. Do not feed Syrup when Honey Supers are put on.
If outside temperatures drop below 20 degrees, consider screening off the entrances.
7. After 2-3 days check for queen release. If she has been released, take out the queen cage and make sure the frames are pushed tight together. If she has not been released take a small too and scratch the candy plug and check back tomorrow. (It should not take more than 3 days to release a queen.)
8. Check frames for eggs 5-7 days after queen has been released, and refill syrup every 3-4 days or as needed.
9. Approximately 21 days after queen was release mark your calendar. Check for brood.  Open entrance larger when needed or established.
10. Once the bees build out 7-8 frames add second brood box, feeding is ok at this point.
12. We would recommend feeding the hive until your second brood box has 6-8 frames filled out. At that point you should stop feeding and proceed to add your honey supers. Good Luck!