Build an Electric Bear Fence

Bears love bees and you may want to build a bear resistant apiary.

Heres a list of Items we used in a 40X40 yard.  If your building a smaller one you certainly won’t need everything listed. If missed something I’m sorry.

7′ Metal fence post: 16

6′ Fiberglass poles: 9

Barb wire: 350′

Pig wire about 165′

Speed Braces or something similar: we recommend 6, 4 come in a pack

3 Grounding rods placed 10′ apart

One 12V 30 mile fence shocker

One gel battery

One solar charger

Grounding wire (preferred copper) and coated wire for your hot line (preferred copper), plus proper attaching bolts about: 6 of them.  We did not use the right wire in the video.

PVC 1’1/2″ cut into 4′ Sections: 12 of them

2×6 cut into 12′ Four of them for your support corners.

6-7 Plastic spring electric fence holds and few doz. aluminum wire ties, and a few bags of pig wire ties.  You can always add extra.

Cal Ranch Stores Carry a Good Supply of This Stuff, Also Check Your Local Co-Op and asking your Division of Wildlife Doesn’t Hurt Either.

Tools Used: Fence Hammer, Wire Cutters, Crescent Wrench, Pliers, Shovel, Cordless Drill and Spiral Bit (helps with fiberglass poles) Come-Along, and a good pair of Rawhide Gloves.
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