Getting Started is always compiling the best practices and start-up tips from commercial and experienced hobbyist beekeepers.  We hope you find a concise, easy-to-read as well as video to show you how to start a beehive.  Listed below are some critical tips we may of only wished we knew back when we started.  Also heres our Online Honey Bee School.


Read any beekeeping book you can find at the library, or pick up at local bookstores. Here are few we like.

Join a beekeeping group or club. Click Here>Bee Clubs

Research local codes to make sure you can have a beehive. Most the towns on this google map are flagged on this map. >A List Citys
(Contact county code enforcement for city hives, and or your State Agricultural dept.)

Try to find a current local beekeeper via your local bee club.

Prepare lot’s of questions, then ask.  Like 10 frame vs. 8 Frame.

Make a budget: Equipment, Bees, ect. Used Vs. New Equipment, suit, tools. (Bee supplies are not cheap) We sell some of what you may need. Check out our e-store. It’s also a good idea to request a catalog from all of the major suppliers: Dadant, W.T. Kelley, Brushy Mountain, Mannlake, Betterbee, Miller Bee Supply, and Rossman Apiaries.  Here is a list of equipment you will likely need.  Telescoping covers and inner covers, Bottom Board, Entrance Reducer, Hive bodies, Hive Body Frames, Honey Supers, Honey Super Frames, Foundation, Feeders, Smoker, Bee Vail, Suit, Hive Tool. We sell most of what you need, but we carry just the basics. You can save on shipping if you plan ahead and order these items when you order you bees from us.

Get stung: It’s going to happen a lot, confirm you can cope.

Time commitment:  Do you have the time?

Be sure to find a mentor or two.  Having an experienced beekeeper will help you a lot. Program the mentors phone into yours.

Subscribe to a publication like the American Bee Journal or Bee Culture.
American Bee Journal
Bee Culture

Order your bees. This is usually done in December thru February for April/May pick up. Click Here>Bees For Sale

Bees are generally bought in the spring.  Prepare for April

Arrange to go pick up your bees.

Helping the Fruit Stand Red Barn in 2012.